About Purpose Goals

Purpose Goals © is a unique Goal Setting System that helps anyone who is ready, serious and committed to living a more Meaningful and Purposeful Life, set goals aligned with their Life Purpose and True Authentic Self, so that they can get to live their dream life now and do what they came here for, whilst having a peaceful and fulfilling Journey.

Using your Purpose, before you write down your goals, will give you more clarity, direction, and literally shave off years of unnecessary detours, that usually occur when setting goals without a Purpose.

At the end of this training programme, you will have discovered your Passions, Gifts, Talents, and Purpose and Learned How to Set Goals aligned with your Life Purpose and True Authentic Self, so that you can finally get on with your life's work, and live a truly meaningful and fulfilling life.

Background Story

Purpose Goals© is a programme designed by Nara Lee to help you set goals that really work, and to help you live a more Meaningful and Purposeful life, where you don't waste time on things that don't actually matter. Prior to doing this work, she had been setting and achieving goals for more than 20 years, as well as discovering and fine tuning on the things that didn't work. Everything that she knew to be true about setting and achieving goals, came crumbling down when she experienced a near-death incident, whilst living in the "safety" of her luxury house in London, the "perfect relationship", the "perfect career", the fancy holidays and possessions - all wonderful things that were once in her goal setting list.

In her last moments of life, she "woke up" to the realisation that she had travelled the entire world, achieved many of her goals, but in that last moment, none of it counted for anything at all. Because she was so busy being busy, but she hadn't even began to touch the surface of what she had come here to do.

During her healing period she was introduced to the work of Life Purpose, from her Spirit Guides and God. These teachings were so profound and transformational, that she couldn't help herself, but share this important message with the world, in order to help people wake up from the hypnosis of life, and awaken to life they were created to live.

About Nara Lee

Nara Lee is a Spiritual Teacher, Social Entrepreneur and Artist. She helps people awaken to their Life Purpose and their True Authentic Selves, to achieve Purposeful Success, through her channeled messages, books and courses. Her spiritual teachings are practical and actionable, removing much of the fogginess and bringing clarity to many of life's important subjects.

Prior, Nara acted as CEO and Managing Director of an International Real Estate Firm, and was previously a Manager at Cushman & Wakefield Residential. She has over 12 years experience in international luxury real estate and travel expertise, managing projects usually from £200 mil to over a billion, on behalf of various international property developers and funds. Nara graduated with a Post Grad in Business Management (Tourism) and Gender & Women's Studies and Social Transformation.